Mercury Northwest Net Frequency

The Mercury Northwest HF Rountables are held on Saturday mornings about 0815 hrs (following the North America Area Storehouse ERC Net), and Monday evenings at 2000 hrs. Please join us on

3.815 MHz.

Mercury Northwest Digital Net

The Mercury Northwest Digital net is held on Wednesday evenings from 19:30 - 20:20 on 3.581 USB. We will start each session using PSK125. If no stations are heard or check in I will close down at 19:45. If we have stations participating we will go until 20:20. We will always start with PSK125mode USB we will switch to other digital modes during the net. I use FLDIGI software. It is a free download and is capable of most all of the digital modes. If you set your fldigi (RSID-RX) on the button at upper right of screen it will turn green and the program will switch to the mode being received. If that frequency is busy I will go up by five KHz to 3.586MHz.
If you are using winlink2000 you may contact me by sending email to my callsign. You can also contact me at with regular email. This gives me the option of receiving my emails through the internet or via ham radio HF or VHF. Questions this contact me.
Zale - kc7fyd

Mercury Northwest Nets

Regional Emergency Response Communications Nets

Stake or Local Area Emergency Response Communications Nets

Other Nets of Interest

MNW Monday Net (Roundtable Format)
Location:Pacific Northwest; Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta, Western Montana
Schedule:Monday, 20:00 PST/PDT
Primary:3815 KHz
Secondary:7195 KHz
Tertiary:14289 KHz
Contact:Jon Mitchell, KD7FAU
MNW Saturday Net (Roundtable Format)
Location:Pacific Northwest; Washington, Oregon, Northern Idaho, British Columbia, Alberta, Western Montana
Schedule:Saturdays, About 08:15 PST/PDT
Primary:3815 KHz Starting 5 Jan 2013
Secondary:7195 KHz
Tertiary:14289 KHz
Contact:Jon Mitchell, KD7FAU
Notes:This net follows immediately the Northwest North America ERC Net, which starts at 08:00 PST/PDT, also on 3815 KHz.
MNW VHF Roundtable
Location:Puget Sound, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 20:45 PST/PDT
Primary:Woodinville Repeater: 147.34 (+) offset, 100.0 HzTone
Secondary:147.440 MHz FM simplex
Contact:Yon Suber, K7YON; and
Mori Day, W7DAY
Northwest Washington Regional Net
Location:Northwest Washington (roughly west of the Cascades, and from Thurston County to the Canadian border)
Schedule:Sundays, 19:00 PST/PDT
Primary:Woodinville Repeater 147.34 Mhz (+) offset, 100 Hz tone
Secondary:146.56 MHz FM simplex
Tertiary:Clear View Repeater 442.975 Mhz (+) offset, 103.5 tone
Contact:Scott Green, K7JSG
Notes:All Stakes and amateur radio operators in Northwest Washington.
Sno-King Regional Net (simplex)
Location:Snohomish and King County, Washington
Schedule:Sundays, 20:30 PST/PDT
Primary:146.56 MHz simplex
Notes:This net is active again.
CARS Regional Net
Location:Oregon City, Oregon and neighboring areas
Schedule:Sundays, 21:00 PST/PDT
Repeater:146.700, - offset, 100 tone), secondary 444.525, + offset, 103 tone)
Contact:Allen Kerr, N7YAF
Notes:If repeater is down checkins taken on 146.700 simplex.
Salem Oregon Region Emergency Operations Net
Location:Salem, OR
Schedule:Sundays, 20:00 PST/PDT
Primary:147.060 (+) offset, Tone 100.0 Hz
Contact 1:Nathan Toews, W7NAT
Spokane Washington Storehouse Regional Net
Location:Spokane Storehouse area.
Schedule:Sundays, 19:30 PST/PDT
Primary:KBARA system on one of the following repeaters:
147.380 MHz, W7OE, Mica Peak, East of Spokane
147.360 MHz, N1NG, Stensgar (Stranger) Mt., North of Spokane near Chewelah, WA
147.280 MHz, KD7DDQ, Pikes Peak, Southeast of Walla Walla, WA
147.020 MHz, N7LVO, Lookout Pass, on the Idaho-Montana border
146.740 MHz, W7HFI, Kamiak Butte, near Colfax and Pullman, WA
Contact:Ron Billings, AC7CJ
Auburn Stake ERC Net
Location:Auburn WA
Schedule:Sunday at 21:00 PST/PDT
Primary:147.560 MHz simplex
Contact1:Wayne Goodsell, KF7FYL
Bellevue Stake ERC Net
Location:Bellevue/Issaquah/Sammamish WA
Schedule:Sunday at 20:30 PST/PDT
Primary:147.500 MHz simplex
Secondary:147.440 MHz simplex
Contact1:John Swapp, K7CXJ
Bellingham Stake ERC Net
Location:Whatcom County and a portion of Skagit County
Schedule:Sundays, 21:00 PST/PDT
Repeater:Sumas repeater 145.23, - offset, 103.5 PL)
Primary:145.780 MHz simplex if there is ARES/RACES traffic on repeater or it is down
Secondary:146.560 MHz simplex
Tertiary:147.420 MHz simplex
Contact:Ron Eckton, W7RE
Notes:This net has been conducted for approximately 9 years. Approximately half of the active checkins are trained in NTS radiogram transfer.
Centralia Washington Stake ERC - Moroni 1 Net
Location:Lewis County and a portion of Thurston and Grays Harbor Counties
Schedule:Monday, 21:00 PST/PDT
Primary:Dick Morrison Repeater 146.740 - offset, 110.9Hz tone.
Secondary:146.460 MHz simplex
Contact:Phillip Elliott, AE7GO
Dick Morrison, K7KFM
Coeur d'Alene Stake ERC Net
Location:Coeur d'Alene, Idaho
Schedule:Sundays, 19:00 PST/PDT
Primary:146.98 (), 100Hz tone. Kootenai Amateur Radio Society Repeater
Secondary:146.580 MHz simplex
Contact:Victor Bak, K3SHD
Stan Anderton, AD7LX
Elma Stake ERC Net
Location:Elma, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 20:00 PST/PDT
Primary:146.400 or 169.900 88.5
Graham Washington Net
Location:Graham, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 20:00 PST/PDT. Use repeater on 1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays, Use simplex on 2nd, 4th Sundays.
Repeater:147.140, + offset 103.5 PL. on 1st, 3rd, 5th Sundays
Simplex:147.56 simplex on 2nd and 4th Sundays
Notes:Using the K7EK Repeater located on Graham Hill in Graham, Washington.
Hayden Lake Stake ERC Net
Location:Hayden, Idaho
Schedule:Sundays, 18:30 PST/PDT
Primary:147.14 MHz (+) 127.3 Tone (AD7DD Repeater)
Contact:Adam Brown, KC7NFF
Kent Stake ERC Net
Location:Kent, WA and Vicinity
Schedule:Sundays, 21:00 PST/PDT
Repeater:443.625, + offset, 103.5 tone (3rd Sundays)
Secondary:146.550 (1st Sunday of each quarter)
Contacts:Don Stoliker, KD7RKA
Isaac Maucotel, KD7QLH
Jeff Morgan, KC7BYF
Notes:Covers Kent and Covington, essentially from the Green River to Lake Sawyer. This is the "home" stake for the bishop's storehouse in Kent.
Klamath Falls
Location:Klamath Falls, Oregon and into California
Schedule:Sundays, 21:00 PST/PDT
Repeater:146.72 Simplex
Secondary:147.58 FM Simplex
Contact:Hollis Kiger, W7UFM
Olympia Area Net
Location:Olympia, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 20:30 PST/PDT
Maple Valley Stake Net
Location:Maple Valley, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 20:15 PST/PDT
Primary:WA7LDS Repeater 443.025, (+) 107.2
Marysville Stake Net
Location:Marysville, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 20:00 PST/PDT
Primary:Snohomish County HAM Club Repeater 147.180 (+) 103.5
and Simplex 145.62
Monmouth Emergency Operations Net
Location:Salem Oregon Region - McMinnville, Salem, Keiser, Corvallis, Lebanon
Schedule:Sundays, 20:30 PST/PDT
Contact:Zale Archer, KC7FYD
Mt. St. Helens ERC Net
Location:Cowlitz County and parts of Wahkiakum and Clark Counties
Schedule:Sundays, 20:00 PST/PDT
Primary:W7DG repeater: 147.260 MHz + offset, 114.8 PL
Secondary:444.900 + offset, 114.8 PL
Tertiary:144.900 FM simplex
Contacts:Primary Contact: Charles Boling, AD7UF;; Charles Boling, AD7UF; Secondary Contact: Terry Reams, KB7IFRTerry Reams, KB7IFR
Notes:Website:; Yahoo Group:
Mt. Vernon Stake
Location:Skagit Co, Whidbey Island, Parts of Whatcom and Snohomish Counties
Schedule:Sundays, 20:00 PST/PDT
Primary:Lyman Hill repeater: 145.190 MHz - offset, 127.3 PL
Secondary:146.46 simplex
Contact:Mike Frost, WT7H
Oregon City Regional Net
Location:Oregon City, OR
Schedule:Sundays, 21:00 PST/PDT
Primary:Repeater 146.700, -, 100.0
Puyallup WA Stake
Location:Puyallup, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 21:00 PST/PDT
Primary:147.52 Simplex
Contact:Jake Jones, KK7CI
Puyallup WA South Stake
Location:Puyallup, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 20:30 PST/PDT
Primary:146.43 Simplex
Port Angeles Net
Location:Port Angeles, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 19:00 PST/PDT.
Repeater:Striped Peak Repeater: 146.76, (-) 100.0
Salem OR Net
Location:Salem, OR
Schedule:Sundays, 20:30 PST/PDT
Primary:Repeater 146.46 Simplex
Renton WA Stake Net
Location:Renton, WA
Schedule:Sundays, 21:00 PST/PDT
Primary:Mike and Key Repeater 146.82 () , PL 103.5
Spokane Washington Valley Stake ERC Net
Location:Spokane Valley, WA covering Millwood, Liberty Lake and unincorporated areas of Spokane Valley east to the Washington/Idaho border within the Valley Stake Boundaries
Schedule:Sundays, 20:45 PST/PDT
Primary:147.580 MHz simplex
Secondary:147.520 MHz FM simplex
Contact:Ron Billings, AC7CJ
Tacoma Washington Stake
Location:Tacoma Area Washington
Schedule:Sunday 19:30 PST/PDT
Primary:147.560 Simplex
Walla Walla Stake
Location:Walla Walla (South Central Washington and North Central Oregon)
Schedule:Sunday 18:00 PST/PDT
Primary:144.900 Simplex
Secondary:3.581 MHz (75/80 Meters), LSB, Domino Ex16
Contact:Jon Mitchell, KD7FAU
MARA Western Net
Location:Western US
Schedule:Saturdays, 08:00 PST/PDT
Primary:7.178 MHz (40 meters)
Contact:Bob Rusick, K7RFR

Last Updated: 30 August 2015