This is ______(name)__________ located in ______________ calling the Overlake Ward MURS Net. This net will be activated when a disaster occurs or during a loss of normal communication. The net meets every Fast Sunday at about 7:45 PM on channel 04 (154.570 MHz) before the Bellevue Stake Leadership MURS Net that begins at 8:00pm. Please note that the secondary channel 05 (154.600 MHz).

Are there any announcements?

Please stay on channel 04 until the net is closed. We will proceed now with roll call after which we will ask for visitors.

ROLL CALL Relays are appreciated.

Are there any visitors to the Bellevue 7th Ward MURS Net? (Pencil info in. Give a big welcome and obtain their name and location.)

Is there any further activity for the net?

Please remember that during an actual emergency, the Bellevue Stake Leadership MURS Net will be available on channel 04 (154.57) on the even hours for the first 10 minutes of the hour only. The Bellevue Stake ERC net will be available on your the B band (147.500) on the odd hours for the first ten minutes only.

As a reminder, the Bellevue Stake ERC Net for Ham operators will begin at 8:30 pm on frequency 147.52 which is your B band display. Press your U/V button for one second to change to this bottom band. You can change back to the A band by pressing the U/V button for one second. You are invited to monitor this net but not transmit unless you have your ham license.

The Bellevue 7th Ward MURS Net is now closed. This is________(name)_____________ in _________(location)_______________. This frequency is now clear.