136-174/400-470Mhz + Dual band Radio

The UV-3R is a dual band radio that can transmit and receive on the 2 meter/70cm, 136-174/400-470 Mhz, Ham radio bands that require a Ham license to legally transmit on, but receiving does not require a license. This radio has two power settings, 2 and 1 watt.

The UV3R has a cell phone type battery that recharges just like your phone and can retain its charge for up to 6 months when not on. For receive only while on, it will last for 3-5 days. With transmitting, more energy is used, so the battery will die much faster.

This radio can be programmed by use of the dial and buttons but is much easier programmed via programming cable and computer. Both Yon Suber and John Abdon have the cables and would be happy to help with this.

The great thing about this small radio is that it can be programmed to transmit and receive the 5 MURS frequencies that DO NOT require a ham license. The Bellevue Stake ERC net uses the 4th MURS frequency 154.57(also known as Blue Dot frequency) and anyone can check in here to receive emergency info during a disaster. This is also the frequency that the Stake President and the Bishops use. During a disaster, the MURS check in is on the even hours for the first 10 minutes; 8:00-8:10, 10:00-10:10, etc.

When one does get their ham license, the radio can be programmed for multiple frequencies for your use, including the MURS frequencies.

I have purchased my Baofengs from ebay for about $43.00 for the first version and $48.00 for the mark II version. I have also added a high gain replacement antenna for $10.00. They can also be purchased from for around $60.00, located in North Carolina. There are also other optional items that can be purchased if wanted.

Please contact Yon Suber, K7YON, for any more info: 425-747-4598,